12 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Sheepskin Year Round

white and gold bathroom sheepskin

Sheepskin rugs, throws, and blankets are some of the easiest investment pieces you can make.  Sure it's slightly more than your average rug from Wayfair, but true sheepskin holds up for years.  Most people think you can use it only during the Fall and Winter, but there are some great ways to decorate with sheepskin year-round.

1. Pad Dining Chairs

It's easy to fall in love with a four-piece of wood Madeline dining chairs.  I hate tying a seat cushion.  It just looks so pedestrian.  Sheepskin is an excellent alternative and looks so much more stylish.

sheepskin padding dining chairs

2. Cozy Up a Reading Nook

As an avid reader, I love a great reading nook.  There's no better way to cozy up the space than by adding a sheepskin throw.

reading nook sheepskin

3. Update Your Kitchen 

You can use a sheepskin as a runner or throw it on the back of a barstool to give your kitchen that extra punch.

kitchen barstools sheepskin

4. Add Sophistication to Your Entryway

If you're looking to perfect your entryway and can't seem to find what it's missing, try adding some sheepskin to the space -- be it with a rug or throw.

entryway sheepskin rubber tree

5. Soften Your Bedroom

Sheepskin rugs and throws soften any bedroom.  There's nothing more comforting than snuggling with a silky soft throw or stepping your toes in the morning on the cozy rug.

boho bedroom sheepskin

6. Mix Texture and Shape in the Living Room

It's easy for living rooms to fall into a one-dimensional trap.  Back in the days when I had roommates, we definitely had the kind of living rooms where the rug came from Target, the couch was leftover from the previous roommate and the throw pillows were in neutral tones that looked liked they belonged in a boring business hotel.  

To escape this trap, use sheepskin rugs and throws to play with the texture, shapes, and patterns in your living room.

leather chair and sheepskin

7. The Softest Bath Mat Ever

Sheepskin rugs make the softest bath mats you'll ever sink your toes into.  Just be sure to opt for a discount version since you will be abusing it more than if it were in any other space.

bath mat sheepskin

8. Add Style and Sophistication to Your Patio

There's nothing more impressive than sheepskin throws over patio furniture.  Throw them over a chaise lounge in the evening when entertaining guests for a late night bbq or wine by the fire.

weathered patio furniture sheepskin

9. Nest Away in the Nursery

Add an IKEA RENS sheepskin rug to your nursery to finish off the look.  As a bonus, it'll be a nice treat for your feet as you run over in the middle of the night. 

nursery sheepskin

10. Whimsical Kids Rooms

Add a sheepskin rug to your child's room, especially in areas meant for whimsy, magic and imagination.

kids teepee sheepskin

11. Stylish Dog Beds

As a fellow dog owner in NYC, their dog beds take up so much space and don't quite fit with the rest of the decor.  Sheepskin rugs in creative places make for a great substitute.  

dog bed sheepskin

12. Be the Office Sensation

Having a sheepskin throws on the back of your office chair is the best feeling in the world.  It'll give you that extra motivation to put in those extra hours.

office chair sheepskin

How do you decorate with sheepskin?  Tell us in the comments below.