Casper's NYC showroom

Casper's NYC showroom

We recently replaced our ultra plush queen Sterns & Foster mattress with a king Casper mattress.  With a fiance and two (albeit small) dogs sleeping alongside me, a queen just wasn't enough space.  Plus, our mattress had some deep indents after 7 years.  So Eric and I decided to go mattress shopping.  We checked out Haastens, Coco Mat, Keetsa, Casper and a traditional mattress store.  

Haastens felt like a dream, but their price felt like a nightmare.  Their mattresses start at $10k and up to $150k for their top of the line king bed.  While it was soft, it's hard to justify spending that much on a mattress.  After all is it really 1500% better than other reasonably priced options on the market? We didn't think so.

Coco Mat is a Greek organic mattress made from coconut fibers.  Like Haastens, it was very soft and retailed for significantly less ($8k to 15k).  The sales manager was incredibly nice and we actually bought a few pillows from them, which I'll post about later.  

Keetsa was not as soft as Haastens or Coco Mat.  Nonetheless it was comfy.  The return policy wasn't ideal though.  At a retail price of $6k, it just felt like we might have buyer's remorse and have wasted $6k. It really just felt like a Casper mattress so there wasn't enough to differentiate them and justify spending more.

Casper was actually the first showroom we visited.  It's also the cheapest option that we looked at ($950 for a king).  The showroom itself doesn't feel like a store but like you're visiting a friend's flat.  In fact, the showroom attendants offer everyone cookies and drinks (alcoholic and non).  We didn't feel pressured to buy.  In fact, we chatted with them about the showroom itself and the company for a good five minutes before we ever discussed the actual product itself or layed down on it.  The mattress is CERTI-PUR, which means no toxic chemicals.  They also have a 100 day return policy, which ultimately sold us.  Also, they donate all returned mattresses to a local homeless shelters if possible.  Personally, I think it's great that they are socially conscientious.

Four months later, we love our mattress and enjoy getting a great night's sleep.  Our doggies love it too.  In fact, Napoleon sits next to the bedroom door every night at around 10pm ready to go to sleep.  I open the door and he jumps up on the bed.  Yeah, he's a bit ridiculous hahaha!

Bottom line: BUY