Rest Your Head at Night in Cocoa Island by COMO Hotels

Ever since I saw Cocoa Island by COMO Hotels on luxury booking site Mr. And Mrs. Smith, it's been on my bucket list.  My fiance and I started our search for hotels for our honeymoon and quickly put this one at the top of our list to consider.  While we wouldn't normally stay at a resort this pricey for a normal vacation, we do want to splurge a little on our honeymoon.  

May is one of the best months to visit the Maldives.  But then again, who really needs to wait when the place is as gorgeous as this!?  

What makes Cocoa Island stand out from other high-end resorts in the island nation is it's simple, yet elegant design.  I love it's white and neutral base for interiors, with a pop of color.  Visually, it feels clean.  It's also nice to see their own twist on the ocean villa with villas built aboard little ships instead of platformed huts. 

I love taking baths, so having a separate bath is a must for me at this price point!

Let's face it though... while the bed is comfy, most people come here for the view and privacy.  

What's high on your list of places to vacation or honeymoon?